What is Upter

Upter is a unique flourishment and personal mastery routine which allows users to maximise their potential and its realisation. At the heart of this course is the blend of latest findings of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Micro-learning. This transformational course operates at the root level of human behaviour. Our prescribed tool kit works at two levels. At one level, it allows user to bring change in their life by incorporating the enabling elements of flourishment and at another, by disabling the regressive ones. Our experts propose that just by tweaking the prescribed 50 elements, incorporating 10 daily habits and answering 10 daily questions, users can live a flourished life. Having said that, we also acknowledge that our overall and day to day emotional wellbeing is an absolute must for realisation of a flourished life and no two Human beings are same. Hence during the reinforcement stage, our platform’s customises the course as per user’s age, gender, geo-location and life condition. Our Psychologist have identified 1000+ life conditions, their emotional impact along with respective coping solution giving the routine a holistic approach. With our platform, user also gets powerful insights into their behaviour, identify gaps and take remedial action. After all it is your behaviour which decides the state of your life.

Who we are

We are a passionate team of applied positive psychology enthusiasts, clinical psychologist, software developers, and content writers who strongly believe every human being has the potential to flourish and achieve great heights. All one needs is the right belief system and structured approach. We feel that true measurement is how far a person has come from the starting point, how far he would like to go and efforts made for it. Based on this belief, two year back, we set out to create an innovative solution which makes this transformation process simple, engaging and can be used by anyone desirous of transforming their life, anywhere in the world. Every morning we start our day with curiosity to know what new research has happened in the world of psychology and technology which can be leveraged to make the course more effective. Our sole purpose is to ensure that every user is able to transform their life and hence we constantly work towards improving all aspects of our course like psychology elements, content, user interface and user experience. To be honest, though we set out to bring change in the lives of others, it is our lives which is transformed in this journey.

Who can benefit

Anybody who is breathing and has a desire to go to next level in their life can benefit from this course.

Our mission

Our mission is to touch 120 million lives by 2020 by collaborating with International organisations, mental health departments of various Countries, Universities, Schools, Corporates and Individuals.

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